"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
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Second Sundays are Work-n-Play Days

The second Sunday of each month throughout the year is reserved for Work-n-Play Days. CCaWW members and volunteers meet at a designated location and carpool to the land. We care for the land by maintaining the natural environment. Time is spent removing non-native invasive species like italian thistle, beggars lice, Himalayas blackberries, and ailanthus trees. Native species like sedges, grasses, tubers, corms, and rhizomes are planted and tended. We have many plants utilized for basket weaving, and medicine. Second Sunday Work-n-Play Days are spent supporting these activites and are followed with lunch by the river and an informative exploration of the surrounding area. Your welcome to email us at or from the contact page for more information.

Teachers Training


July 29 & 30 We host our annual teachers training. Teachers are immersed in local California culture offering authentic knowledge. This shared knowledge enables teachers to educate our youth more accurately when teaching students about Native American Culture. Over the course of two days we create a walnut dice game, a pine nut necklace, and a rawhide rattle. We discuss our relationship with the natural resources utilized to make these items. In turn teachers will be given a curriculum binder and create a teaching plan to share with their students. Teachers will experience a deeper connection to the land and feel more empowered to teach others about native culture. Inspiring a passion to learn.

Early registration $50. After June 24 $100. For registration information contact us at

                     This is a unique opportunity to learn about Native Culture from a Native Perspective, Join us in July!


Community Cultural Events                                                                                                                                       


Food In Our Backyards - May 12 We had such a good time learning about Brodiaea, our indian potatoes last spring, we are excited to offer the event again. On Mothers Day will explore our environment and share some of the plants that are edible and how to propagate, gather, and prepare them.


Traditional Native Storytelling July 16 Spend a captivating evening  with professional storyteller Kimberly ShiningStar as she shares CA history  with traditional native stories.


Native Bailout June 8  Our main fundraising event. We look to our supporters to bail out those prepared to be jailed to protect cultural resources.

Childrens Games July 21  Children's games will be taught and played by all.

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Several cultural events are planned throughout the year. 

The second Sunday of each month is reserved for "Work-n-Play" on the land.

About us

Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays (CCaWW) promotes, preserves, and stewards the Indigenous Culture and waterways of this land, and the surrounding areas.

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Each of us has a responsibility to take care. Our purpose is to create a space for Indigenous Culture to thrive once again... 

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