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We will host events and invite those with traditional knowledge to come and share what they are able and willing to share. We welcome our Edlers, Spiritual People, Dancers, Singers, Basketweavers, Storytellers, Ceremony Keepers, Tool Makers, Traditional Gatherers, Those that carry the recipes, and Those that  know stuff. As we Call Back the Culture to this sacred space we want honor our Ancestors and carry the knowledge into the future.

Calling Back Culture

We have been allowed to return to this land, to care for it, and re-establish a Native presence.

Native Bailout

June is approaching and we are currently issuing warrants to potential arrestees. This event is CCaWW's major fundraiser.


Our goal is to raise enough funds to support our programs and operating expenses for the coming year. It is gratifying to know our local community is willing to support us.


Our previous fundraisers were wildly exciting. Join us for CCaWW's Annual Native Lands Bailout!!


Several cultural events are planned throughout the year. 

The second Sunday of each month is reserved for "Work-n-Play" on the land.

About us

Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays (CCaWW) promotes, preserves, and stewards the Indigenous Culture and waterways of this land, and the surrounding areas.

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Each of us has a responsibility to take care. Our purpose is to create a space for Indigenous Culture to thrive once again... 

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